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A Little About Mrs. JPT

I'm a Fitness Crazed, Clean Eating/Vegetarian, Babywearing, Attachment Parenting, Eco-Friendly, Natural Product Making, Tattooed, Music Loving, Natural Hair Having, New to Blogging, Open-Minded yet Opinionated, PROUD NAVY Wife and SAHM! It doesn't get any better than this!

I was born and raised in Los Angeles. Graduated from high school in 2001 (yeah I'm dating myself...AND?!). Moved to a town I had never even heard of in Cali called Lemoore. I went from BIG CITY living to.....farmland. No, I didn't leave on an actual farm but, it's pretty close! Everywhere you look off the highway you'll see either farm animals or fields that are growing whatever it is they grow out there. I met my husband in this small town so, I don't complain too much. We married in December 2005 and headed across country to start our life. We're back in Lemoore and this time, we have a Mini Me that tagged along. She's our little girl and she definitely has a say so in this house!

I'm newer than new to this blogging business. And I've quickly realized that this just might be the place for me to express myself with the daily dealings of being a Navy wife and a SAHM to a brand new Terrible 2 year old ::sigh::

Well, let's get to blogging!

Bases We've Been To

NAS Lemoore in Lemoore, CA
2009 - Present

RTC Great Lakes in Great Lakes, IL
2006 - 2007

NAWS China Lake in Ridgecrest, CA
2007 - 2009

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