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Friday, July 23, 2010

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #5

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1. Besides the horizontal mambo, what do you miss most when your spouse is deployed?

- I miss us cooking together! We have the best time in the kitchen bouncing ideas off of each other for variations to dishes or creating new ones :sigh::

2. What do you miss least?
- The snoring! LOL!

3. You only get three crayons to finish your picture… which three do you choose and why?
- Gold and Purple because they represent strength and royalty. And black because that's my core color.

4. If you could have your own fragrance, what would it be called?
- Madame Fire Starter

5. If the shoes make the man (or woman), what do your shoes say about you right now?
- Well, seeing as I don't have on any, that would say I am too relaxed! But if I had on my heels from yesterday, they would say that I am sexy yet classy woman who is full of confidence, has dignity and is strong.

2 Love Its or Hate Its:

New Girl on Post said...

Love the name of your perfume!

Chris said...


I really like your blog. I am a casting director for a docu-reality series sponsored by the USO about military families awaiting the return of a loved one stationed overseas. This series is about how the family prepares for their service member's return and highlights the bravery, sacrifice, and courage military families need to have. I would love if you submitted to be part of the series. You can find an online submission form at or email me directly at for more information.

Thank you so much,

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