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Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Blog Carnival Day 1: My FAVORITE Christmas Tree Ornament

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Day 1: My Favorite Christmas Tree Ornament
Alright, I'm going to be honest, I have never had a favorite ornament or decoration until this past Saturday. I mean, we have our basic tree ornaments and then we have the Hallmark ones we pick once a year to add to the tree as well. And those are typically associated with something. Last year I really wasn't into the holiday spirit at all; my husband was deployed. I tried really hard to get into it especially for our little girl but I failed miserably. Not this year!
Mini Me and I got dressed and headed to our Navy Exchange. We picked up a few more lights, some holiday candles and then I let her pick out her VERY FIRST ornament! She's two and a half so I figured she would be able to choose the ornament that she wanted. It was so much fun watching her look at all the different ornaments. You could see she was having a hard time deciding. She picked out two really cute ones but, they were for baby's first Christmas. Sorry Mini Me, you already have one of those. She finally laid her eyes on the cute little red monster that everyone loves: ELMO!

She was so excited about him that she opened up the box and took him out on the way to the car! Just seeing her excitement over her new treasure made me smile from ear to ear.
So this is my favorite tree ornament because my precious baby girl chose her very first ornament on her own!

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