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Friday, February 4, 2011

MilSpouse Friday Fill-in #29: Questions

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1. Since most of the country has had nasty weather, what has your weather been like this week?

- We've been having lots of fog and cold. I mean fog so dense you can't see the neighbor's house across the street; visibility sometimes less than a mile. It will lift a little but not be completely gone. And then the other day it was sunny and then a few hours later it was pouring rain. Most days it's been in the 40s. And yes, this is all happening in the central part of California. I'm ready for some warm weather again.
2. What is/are your best money saving tip(s)?

- The same as everyone else! Budget budget budget! And refrain from impulse shopping. I'm still working on the impulse shopping tip myself, LOL! I've gotten a lot better though.

3. What was your favorite vehicle you've ever owned??

- I've only owned one vehicle. The Hubster bought it for me when we were in Illinois. It's a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am. Yes, I know, it's old. But I just needed a car to get to and from work without having us rushing dropping each other off (or not getting off work in time). We're looking to get me a NEW car and I'm so excited! We also have an Expedition but since The Hubster had it when we met, I don't consider it mine ::shrug:: I do drive it when he's gone though, LOL!

4. What is a question you'd like to see asked in a future fill-in? 

- With PCS moves happening every few years, do you take the time to paint and decorate your home? I have yet to decorate because we have move so often. The minute I get the itch to put on my Martha Stewart hat, it's time for us to pick new orders. Next PCS move (if we leave this base), I will decorate as SOON as we get there.

5. Fill in the blank: You might be a MilSpouse if....

- ...come holiday time and your spouse is deployed, although you miss them, you don't miss a beat because you're so use to them missing the holidays.


4 Love Its or Hate Its:

Athena said...

We used to get fog like that in New Orleans. I loved it (well, when I didn't have to drive in it!)

Have a great weekend :)

Stephanie said...

Hey! You won something on my blog, come check it out! I will send off once I receive your address!

Mrs. JPT said...

Thanks for stopping by Athena! My husband is from New Orleans. I can so see thick fog like that there. Especially on the bayous!

Stephanie, thank you for having such an amazing giveaway!

Samantha said...

I have so many ideas for decorating our home, but I have yet to do anything much for the very same reason! We haven't even hung pictures or curtains in our current home! I told my hubby that we're doing more in our next house. :)

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