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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Absolutely RANDOM!

Talk about Bloggers Block! Well, not really. I have tons that I want to blog about, I just haven't been given a chance to sit down in PEACE (thanks Mini Me) long enough to power up the laptop and let the juices start flowing. It's been playdate after playdate. And we've been sleeping in like you would not believe! I know, I know, Moms look FORWARD to the time that they can sleep in again. True indeed.We've been getting up anywhere from a little before 9 to 10:00 in the morning. I was loving it at first. But then I realized, my day is practically gone by the time we get dressed and eat our brunch. That means, my cleaning time is basically gone ::sigh:: And that is one thing I have yet to master and put on my Mommy Resume, cleaning with a toddler riding your coattails. I have got to get that figured out because not only are we looking to have baby #2, I can't think straight if I have too many things out of order! My happiness level and stress level switch positions. Literally.

So, yeah, this post was kind of a rant for the day. The Hubster has been working really hard and hasn't been home much (he still hasn't taken his POM leave like everyone else has had the luxury of doing after a deployment), so when he is home, I try not to bug him too much. The little one gets so excited when he comes home and I try to keep her out of his way to so that he can get some time to just chill out after a long day at work.

Ok, so I wrote all of this just to say, I have had no time to blog lately! But I hope that all changes in the next day or so. A few more playdates to attend. A few more days of my me time doing disappearing acts due to late nights for The Hubster and other events and I'll be back at it like I was my first week of blogging. Man that was fun.

Until next blog....Random rant over!

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