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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day Four (May 4th 2010): 10 Tough Things About Being a Military Wife

DEPLOYMENTS - Man do those things SUCK! And no matter how many you have been through, they never get easier. So much is missed during those times. I try to capture as much as I can with video and pictures so that we can feel somewhat involved even if he is on the other side of the world.

Him being the LPO - I LOVE the fact that he is the LPO as it looks great on his records. But, he gets called pretty much the whole time he is not at work. Trying to enjoy family time watching a movie ::phone ringing:: Out of town for the weekend ::phone ringing:: Getting ready for bed ::phone ringing:: So annoying.

The Cliques! - Every base has them. Don't act like yours doesn't! You have to find the "clique" that you belong in. And don't act like you aren't apart of one either, LOL! It may not be the BIG clique but you have your little crew you run with. And the battle of the cliques are just stressful and ridiculous.

OPSEC - Didn't take me very long to figure out what I could and couldn't do in terms of OPSEC. I get highly irritated though when other spouses don't take OPSEC as seriously as it should be.

The Arguments - They seem to come from out of nowhere half the time. Especially when it's deployment time. I learned from the marriage retreat put on by CREDO down in San Diego that those are normal. Psychologically that is suppose to be our way of making the seperation easier. I still think it sucks. Half the time the arguments are from him being tired and frustrated in general and the same goes for me. That's when we have to take the time to sit down and figure out what the problem is and figure out how to fix it. Easier said than done half the time though.

Single Parenting Deployment Style - This past cruise was our first one as parents. And man was it hard for both of us. The DETS I could handle. Having him gone for 8 months was HORRIBLE. Seeing our daughter go through so many changes without him being here was really hard to do. Add into the mix, we found out she had food allergies. She had a few rounds of sickness. It was just stressful! I admit, I had a few times where I just cried myself to sleep because all I wanted was for him to be here to hold me and tell me everything was ok.

Having to leave friends when time to PCS - ::sigh:: I always miss my gals and pals when it's time to leave. I mean, who am I going to have Slumber Parties with at the new duty station?! Who are we going to have Crab and Crawfish Boils with?? Booooo!! LOL!

Family Not Around - More so now since we have a daughter. I'd love for her grandparents to be able to see her more often than they do. My Dad (in Illinois) and MIL (in Louisiana) are always talking about how much they miss her. At least we have some family a few hours away that we get to see often.

Dealing with Snotty Wives - UGH! I know. Theoretically I'm suppose to love and embrace all of my fellow military wives but, some of them get under my skin. Especially immature ones. Those are the ones who really bug me. It gets hard sometimes, LOL!

The Navy Wife Stereotype - It really GRINDS MY GEARS when people try to put every Navy wife in the WESTPAC WIDOW category. Really? Not all of us run to the barracks or to the nearest club to hook up with someone. Geesh!! And when I find out that someone I do know is actually in that category, I remove myself from that situation ASAP. Birds of a feather flock together. Not I.

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