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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day Three (May 3rd 2010): Top 10 Reasons Why it's GREAT Being a Military Wife

I thought about this all night. Not that I couldn't come up with 10, just, how do I put them in any particular order? I really can't. So, here is my list.

Job Security/Steady Paycheck - With the way the economy is today, I'm more than thankful that my husband has job security and that we know when and how much we will get paid every payday! Some people complain about how much the military gets but at least we're getting something! Not everyone is this fortunate.

Benefits - Yep! I love our benefits!! Healthcare is taken care of. We get decent discounts and savings at our Commissary and NEX. Heck we even get discounts out in town at stores and recreational places like the zoo, amusement parks and other attractions.

Living on Base - Nothing beats having to flash your ID to get to your own home. And with hearing all the news stories about break-ins and what not that happen off base, I vote for on base! Especially now that we have a child.

Traveling - I don't think I would have ever been to Hawaii before I was 25 if it hadn't have been for The Hubster. We've even driven across country twice to two different duty stations. I've had the chance to caravan with other Navy wives to even the small dets that only last 2 weeks sometimes. Traveling is so much fun. You get to see so many new places.

That Uniform!! ::whistling:: - Excuse me while I fan myself.........Ok I'm back. That husband of mine sure can wear them uniforms. Scrumptious!

Adding People to our Extended Family - When you don't have family around, you often add a few non-blood related folks to your family. We have such a big extended family! Each and every one of them that we have met and come to know mean a lot to us. We help each other through hard times. Are definitely there for the great times. And we just create a bond that will forever last. And it is always a plus when you get stationed somewhere else (or back at a previous duty station as in our current case) when you have your friends there too! I love adding folks to the fam!

Life Lessons - You get some many challenges thrown at you as a military family that you can't help but to learn a few things along the way. We've learned quite a lot about each other and life in general when we've been tested. You become stronger as a couple and definitely stronger as an individual. And that is always a great thing.

HOMECOMINGS! - I don't like my husband being gone but something about Homecomings just make me feel so warm inside! I think it's the fact that I get to see him in person finally. I get to melt into his arms. I get to feel his lips touch mine and say to me how much he loves me and missed me. It's seeing all the other spouses from our command and CAG even who were there for each other to finally be reunited with their loved ones. All the extensions. All the times that they cut the internet off for days at a time so now one one can get an email in or out. All the times the phones on the boat cut you off mid sentence. All of it has come to an end and it was worth it.

Being able to say "I'm a PROUD NAVY WIFE" - Despite me not ever wanting anything to do with the military previously, I can't express enough how PROUD I am that I was asked to be this man's wife. With our military getting so much slack, people have to remember that these men and women have taken an oath to serve and protect our country. You may not like them but dammit, I stand behind my SAILOR in every decision he makes and go wherever he is needed because he needs ME to be right by his side supporting him!

Wearing the title SAHM - Some may frown upon us SAHMs and say what they want to say about us. Go ahead, talk about how much you believe we have decided to be stuck in a 1940s/1950s way of life. I would like to tell you that life was much better then, LOL! I get to see my daughter wake up in the morning, spend the day playing and doing crafts with her, cooking HOMEMADE meals for my family and just taking care of my family on the HOMEFRONT. I'm much happier staying home thank you very much.

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