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Friday, May 7, 2010

Day Seven (May 7th 2010): Why I Think MilSpouses ROCK!!!

We are more than just spouses. On any given day we step into the role of:

Financial Analyst
Executive Chef
Personal Assistant
Event Planner
Research Specialist
and even Warden

And we do it all while half the time our husbands are gone. But we aren't completely on our own. We have a sisterhood of committed women who understand the struggles that we as military spouses are going through. We are there for one another even if we are thousands of miles away from each other. Even before we get to know each other very well, we have an immediate bond just because we are spouses to strong, dedicated men who have sacrificed your time to protect and serve our country. This does NOT exclude the men who are spouses to women who are serving as well. We all are connected and we all should be there for one another.

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day to all my friends and family and those who I have yet to meet!

2 Love Its or Hate Its:

Happy Gramma said...

I am not a military spouse, but my hat is off to all of you! Thank God for the husbands and wives who stand behind their brave spouses that are fighting to defend our freedom! Ther is no way to show how much we appreciate all of you!

I am following from Friday Follow. Please come visit me @

Mrs. JPT said...

Thank you so much for stopping by!! And thank you for your support of our Military Personnel.

I'm on my way to your blog!

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