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Monday, May 17, 2010


To say that my first week of blogging was exciting is an understatement! NEVER did I imagine that I would win anything. I was just having a blast visiting blogs and posting on my own. My first week of blogging was basically topics that were apart of Wives of Faith's MilSpouse Blog Carnival. It was simple: you wrote a blog on the topic of the day, go back to the site, post your link back to that day's blog in the comment section and you were done! Seemed easy enough! So I joined in. I visited so many wonderful blogs that week and read so may awesome stories. I got an email from one of the ladies at Wives of Faith to let me know that I had won for the last day of blogging! WooHoo! Wait, should I be this excited because I mean, I was randomly chosen by, LOL! Oh well, I am and that's just the way it's going to be!

I received all of my goodies in the mail today!

(From left to right)
Battlefields of Blessings
Faith Deployed
GOD Strong
"Living God Strong" TShirt

Here's a closeup of the TShirt:

And I just think the pages of this book are so cool!

This was so amazing! Starting to blog during such a week that means so much to me was awesome.

THANK YOU Wives of Faith for an awesome kick-off to my blogging experience!

Note: If you purchase "GOD Strong" during the month of May from you will receive 30% off PLUS FREE shipping! Click on the photo below for more details.

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Shaliah said...

Thats awesome Esha. I am so happy for you

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