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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

CSA Delivery!

I always mean to post my local CSA delivery the day I get it. So for me, that would be Monday afternoon. But with the little one running rampant and still trying to maintain order in my home, I often can't get to it until the next today. Check out the yummy fruits and veggies we got this week!

This Monday we received:

Green Beans
Summer Squash
and a Beet

The onion. The Hubster could not believe how huge it was!

This is the BEET!!! WOOOOOOWWWW!! I don't even know what to do with this thing. I've never cooked a beet in my life! Out the jar...sure! Toss it on a salad and call it good. But never had a fresh one. So if anyone has any recipes or suggestions for this monster (which is almost taking up a shelf in my refrigerator) please let me know!

Haven't tried the blackberry yet. The Hubster did and loved them.

The green beans. And yes, I took this picture! No Photo Shop needed. Aren't they gorgeous?! Mmmm!

If you are looking to get some great fruits and veggies LOCALLY, check out the Community Supported Agriculture website to locate your nearest CSA. It is such a great program to be apart of. Not only are you getting the freshest produce possible (meaning your produce isn't coming in on a truck that's been traveling for days and days), you will be supporting the local farmers/growers in your area. Nothing like giving back to your community right?!

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