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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Julie & Julia...Navy Style!

If you have not seen Julie & Julia, where have you been?!?! It is an absolute must see! I had already started loving cooking more at the beginning of the year, but once I watched Julie & Julia my love grew even more. Now I spend most of my day playing with Mini Me and the rest in the kitchen. Always looking for recipes to try so if any out there has a favorite recipe they like and would like to share it with me, shoot it my way!

Anywho, I was getting ready for bed last night when I came across this....

This is our command cookbook. I believe it was a fundraiser they did about 2 years ago (we just got to this command Apr. 2009). It's a compilation of 100+ recipes from the families in our command. How cool is that?! At first when I saw it, I kind of scrunched my nose up. I've come across plenty of military folks who...well...can't cook. I'm serious! So my original reasoning behind buying it was to support my FRG. I'm all for supporting them (I know FRGs can be a touchy situation to some but, that's another blog post).

But as I was looking through it last night, I decided I was going to do a version of Julie & Julia and cook my way through this book. I'm not setting any timeline for this like the movie but, I will keep a ticker of sorts on the sidebar and update it as I go through all the recipes. And of course I will be blogging about all the recipes. I noticed that a few dishes have different versions from different families so, sometimes you may think I am doing this twice but in actuality, I'm just using the other version. Maybe on those days I'll cook them both at the same time and have a taste test going on. Who knows!

So, be on the look out for lots of cooking posts!

4 Love Its or Hate Its:

passionofthemom said...

I LOVED Julie & Julia!!! I even started following her new blog...=) I'm not brave enough to attempt the French food....a lot of the stuff they eat is NOT for me. LOL But I think your idea is really cool, and will have to find a cookbook that I can utilize for that purpose. =)

Treasures By Brenda said...

Lots of people are doing their own version of this challenge. It sounds like you have picked a most appropriate cookbook for yourself! Good luck with your challenge. My family would be thrilled if I took up such a challenge, knowing that we'd be having a lot of great meals!

KAEmommy said...

Hi! We are in Lemoore also! We will only be here about four more months and then we are leaving. It's cool to read about someone else in the same place! Love your idea with the cookbooks, I am a reader so I try to do book reviews when I finish. I do love cooking also, but lately I have not been feeling it.....too busy I guess. Maybe I will see you around base!

Mrs. JPT said...

Oh my passionofthemom, I would so love to find her new blog!! And I agree, I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to try all of the French food. But I would love to do some of it. Might have to look into that!

Treasures By Brenda, I figured most people were doing their own versions of it. It just seemed like so much fun! I think the plus I have is that The Hubster loves to cook as well so, most of the time you'll find both of us in the kitchen trying to come up with new recipes or trying out new ones we've come across.

KAEmommy, I saw that you would be leaving soon. Congrats again on your hubby going to OCS school. My husband's command is trying to get him to go officer as well. But not the route of OCS. Either way, I think those are both great accomplishments. That would be so cool if we did get to see each other around base!

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