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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Welcome Back to Workups!


Well, The Hubster delivered the news last night. Two months home from an 8 month deployment and they have their new schedule to gear up for next year's deployment. Booooo! We were really hoping to get preggo this year. But with the schedule, I don't know if that's going to happen. This sucks! LOL! Maybe I can talk my doctor into just giving me the provera and clomid since we know that's what it took to get us pregnant last time. IDK.

And what am I going to do about Mini Me?! How am I going to explain to her why Daddy isn't here?! It was easier last time. She was just 15 months. This time she'll be 3 by the time he leaves. Heck, she's only 26 months now and asks where he is first thing in the morning. This really sucks!!

It won't be too bad though. I have met some great Military wives here on our base. And I've met a few here on the net too. I think my support system will be a great one!

How do you prepare your children for Daddy's deployment?

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Jennifer @ The Toy Box Years said...


Visiting you from Faith Deployed's FB page!!

I'm sorry he's on the bubble for leaving again so soon after just getting home. We know that my hubby's alert will be coming any day now, so I'm trying to prepare myself.

I wish I had some advice for you about the kids, but I'm kinda in the same boat. Our oldest daughter was only 8 months old when he left on his first deployment. She's now 5 and we have a 23-month old too. This time will definitely be harder.

You're in my prayers!

Mrs. JPT said...

Thanks Jennifer for stopping by!

Wow! 5? That is sure to be different this time. Maybe we can give each other advice and encouragement through it all!

I'll keep you in my prayers as well!

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