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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Juicey Juice!

No, not the juice brand you find in the store. I am the new proud owner of my very own juicer!! WooHoo!! I've been wanting one for a while but, just never got one. The ones I had been looking at were $100+ and frankly, I always feel guilty spending that much on stuff for myself when that money could have gone to The Hubster or Mini Me. But I jokingly mentioned that I wanted a juicer last night when The Hubster was making a run to the NEX (our military department store basically) and he called asking "Don't we already have a juicer?". So I had to explain to him that we had a citrus juicer, not one that we can actually put whole fruits in veggies in. I didn't think he would actually come home with one! Well, I'm happy he did!! Kitchen appliance collection is almost done.

Now I just have to find some more recipes to try. I did a Carrot-Apple-Spinach-Parsley juice and it was really yummy! I mean, so good, I made another cup to share with Mini Me. Anyone juice on a regular or from time to time? If so, share some of your recipes with me! I think I might try just about any combination.

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