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Saturday, July 3, 2010

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #2

This is my very first time participating in this blog hop. But I am already excited about it! I love reading all the blogs I come across, but I really love coming across fellow military spouses who blog as well. Wife of a Sailor loves learning about her fellow MilSpouses as well. So she has created a weekly meme entitled "MilSpouse Friday Fill-In". Check our the party!

1.Tell us about your dream job… one that you could do regardless of pay.

- My dream job would me being a personal trainer/nutrition specialist!! I absolutely LOVE working out. I would love to help people reach their fitness goals. But I would like to help them by having fun with them. I've seen so many personal trainers who are just brutal! Now some folks needs that brutal beat down but, I think a lot of people would love it if their personal trainer would have a little fun with them. And workout with them! When I was a personal trainer back in 2005, my clients loved it when I would get right in there and workout with them instead of standing off to the the side barking orders.

2. What is your most prized material possession (kids and pets don’t count!)?

- Let's see. I'm going to have to go with my wedding rings. No. I'm not rocking a 4ct. marquise cut diamond, but the rings mean a lot to me. Anytime that I am nervous or missing him when he is on deployment, I touch and rotate my rings. That action actually calms me down and makes me feel like he is protecting me from afar.

3. What has been your favorite duty station and why?

- Great Lakes! The Hubster went there to be an RDC. I absolutely loved it there! Now, he did work some crazy long hours and that part sucked. But there was so much to do and see in Illinois. You got all the seasons. And for me, the winter was a little bit of my favorite because I had never seen snow!

4. What is your least favorite household chore?

- I absolutely detest cleaning the bathrooms. I detest them, but bathrooms are a huge pet peeve of mine. So, I have to do it regardless. I'm hoping one day bathrooms will become self -cleaning. That would be awesome! LOL!

5. If you could give one piece of advice to a teenager today (not specifically a MilTeen), what would it be?

- Think about your decisions and actions. They will shape your future whether for the good or the bad.  

7 Love Its or Hate Its:

Anonymous said...

Ooo.. self-cleaning bathrooms. The person who could make this happen would make a KILLING!

Thanks for participating and I hope you'll join us next week!

Mrs. JPT said...

I know right!! LOL! I would be the first in line to order mine too.

Thanks for hosting this! This is such an awesome way to get to know my fellow MilSpouses.

CrazyMomma said...

oh i didn't know you used to be a trainer!
how did you swing that? where and how did you get your certification? was it at a brick and mortar school or online? how much was it? i want to do it so i can still help with the cash flow, do what i love and still do homeschooling with the kids.
hook a sister up!!

Mrs. JPT said...

@CrazyMomma, I joined In-Shape when we were here last time. During my free PT sessions you get when you sign up, my trainer was telling me that since I was a previous athlete, I had great form and blah blah blah. I told him that I had wanted to become a trainer one day. Well, the next day that I came in to workout, the general manager (who at the time was this lady named Sky) pulled me to the side when I was looking at supplements. She said my trainer had mentioned that I was interested in becoming a trainer and that I would be a great trainer. She asked me some questions and hired me on as a trainer in training. They paid for me to take the NASM exam and I passed!

CrazyMomma said...

see i am thinking of taking that :-)

the gym here told me that if i'd get certified they'd hire me in a second because well i rock lol seriously though i think i am going to go for it next month. what kid of things did you study? did you take it here in town or LA?

Rachel Cotterill said...

I'm always fiddling with my wedding ring - it is strangely comforting.

Visiting to welcome you to SITS :)

Shell said...

You love to workout? I need to find some of your motivation!

Stopping by to welcome you to SITS- I hope that you have been enjoying it!

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