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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Evening Post

Ok, I know I said I was going to post all the pictures and what not today but, I am so sleepy right now! I've been one cleaning mama today. And plus, I went looking for old pictures and realized I have to find the ones I even want to use. So I'll be browsing 4 memory cards full of pictures, LOL!

However, I did start the 24 hour water fast this evening. You aren't suppose to binge right before the detox and I think I did a great job at not doing so. Oatmeal for breakfast, a bowl of raw butternut squash soup (it was interesting) and a huge bowl of salad. For dinner I had homemade fried rice and some leftover homemade chicken and broccoli (I didn't want to use beef). I have had a few cravings already ::smh:: BUT, I just refocused and grabbed my water. Next meal for me will be dinner tomorrow. I'm excited to see how this detox goes. I've never done one so, this should be interesting.

Have any of you done a detox before? Any pointers for a newbie?! LOL!

Until next post......

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CrazyMomma said...

i tend to do a 24-48hr fast (just sipping on water and black or green tea) once a month. to be honest the first few times were HORRIBLY hard!! now i am used to it and can even cook for the rest of the family with out a second thought :)

i also do intermittent fasting about once a week. you can find more info on it here:
i tend eat dinner on fri and not eat again until sat afternoon/early evening.

hope your's goes well :)

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