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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Quick Week in Review

I've been under the weather (thanks Hubster) the past few days. So, if you were wondering why I haven't been on lately, that's why! Feeling better now. Just dealing with the gross after cold crap right now.


Hope everyone had a great Father's Day. I ordered some cupcakes from a local lady who makes custom cakes and cupcakes. Delectable Cupcakes and Cakes is absolutely great. I think I'll do a review of her next month.This was my second time ordering from her and this time I ordered the Red Velvet cupcakes.

The Hubster loved them! So did Mini Me. Well, she more so wanted to eat the frosting and wanted us to remove the chocolate from the strawberries. The child was clearly ill because who would want to do such a thing?! LOL!

 Received our CSA delivery Monday.

This week we received:

Bok Choy
Green Beans
and Spinach (I think on this one, LOL!)

We cooked up the green beans last night in a seafood boil. Crab legs, shrimp, lobster, and tons of veggies with The Hubster's mouth watering-eyes rolling in the back of your head lemon butter sauce ::slurp:: It was Mmm Mmm good!

And today, I met with the dentist here on base and decided to pull the last of my wisdom teeth ::cringe:: The bottom right is starting to bother me so, the plan was to just remove that one but, we're going to go ahead and take out the last 3. And the day of choice? Two days before 4th of July! I figured we weren't doing anything anyway so, might as well get it done as soon as possible. What joy! Not.

Well this post was just a quick check in. Letting you all know that I was still around basically, LOL!

Until next post....


4 Love Its or Hate Its:

A Fire Fighter Wifey said...

I want some!

Mrs. Doc Handsome said...

New follower here. I look forward to reading more =] Hope you are feeling better!

Jen said...

Those look like some awesome cupcakes and I hope you are feeling better by now.

Stopped by from SITS to welcome you and say hello.

Mrs. JPT said...

@Erica (A Fire Fighter Wifey): Coming right up!

@Mrs. Doc Handsome: Thanks for stopping by and for the follow!

@Jen: They were so good! We got them for Father's Day but he was taking too long to eat them all, LOL! My daughter and I had to help out. We were happy to! And thanks for stopping by.

I do feel a lot better everyone. Thanks for the well wishes. Nothing worse than a Summer cold.

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