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Monday, November 1, 2010

Fitness Chronicles

Aw, the good old days! The days when I ran track and was a key player on my basketball team. I was always on the field or in the gym. Even practiced outside of school.

Post high school I even trained and became a certified personal trainer and loved waking up to go to work everyday. I basically lived at the gym!

Well, when you have 2 PCS moves (new duty station for The Hubster), a diagnosis on why you haven't been able to get pregnant, countless doctor visits and medicine you have to take, you don't actually have time to get in as much exercise that you are use to. And that's exactly what happened to me. So needless to say, the very fit Mrs. JPT whose quads popped out with every step she took became the stereotypical frumpy Navy wife with a newborn....well, toddler now. And I so did not want to be in that category!

But, that all changed about 2 months ago! My new good friend and fellow Navy wife and I have been hitting the gym pretty much 6 days a week for the past 2 months. I can definitely say that the old Mrs. JPT is coming out full force and it feels AWESOME! My desire for health and fitness is back and I'm on top of the world. I am even looking into getting re-certified as a personal trainer, becoming a Zumba instructor and even a Hoopnotica instructor (I've picked up hula hooping as another form of exercise and I LOVE IT!).

Want to know what my short term goal is? Dropping 10 lbs by my 5 year wedding anniversary on December 21st! That gives me a little over a month to go hard at the gym and on my eating plan! Tomorrow I'll post starting stats and MAYBE pics. I've already dropped a TON of weight (34 lbs. to be exact) and The Hubster just told me on the phone how amazed he is at my hard work with a toddler attached to me 24/7.

Well, let's get it!

Until next post....

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CrazyMomma said...

so where's the massive like button for this!!!!

Mrs. JPT said...

hehehehe...I knew you would like this! You and I typically are on the same page!

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