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Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Recap!

2010 has definitely been an interesting year. Lots of lessons learned. To close out 2010 I am taking the this idea from Raw Epicurean's Facebook status and making it a blog post!

"Reflecting back on a year at it's end, what are some of your fondest memories, greatest milestone, biggest accomplishments, lessons learned of 2010?"

Fondest Memories:

- My little family reuniting after The Hubster's 8 month deployment. Although I was super excited about him coming home, seeing him and our daughter (who was 15 months old when he left) lay eyes on each other was priceless! Thanks to Bissig Photography, we have beautiful photos from his homecoming to remember our first deployment as parents!

- Mini Me being dedicated at church in October. And in November, The Hubster and I were baptized together! ::big smile:: Two glorious days for sure!

Greatest Milestones:

- Spiritual Milestone: I definitely have grown spiritually. I'm nowhere near where I would like to be, but I'm getting there. Making that commitment last month was a huge decision for me and I hope to make even greater strides on this path.

- Health & Fitness: The biggest milestone here was definitely shedding 39 of the 41 lbs that I had gained during and slightly after my pregnancy! WooHoo! Only 11 more lbs. to go before I hit my goal.

[I have to thank my awesome friend Saundra for being my workout buddy! Although I LOVE any and everything health and fitness related, it's always more fun hitting goals with a great friend!]

- Personal Milestone: Learning to step out of my box a little when it comes to meeting new acquaintances. I've never been one to be the "social butterfly". I actually was never allowed to go to house parties or just go hang out for the most part. So whenever I met someone who just started talking my ear off, I would instantly get turned off and try to avoid the non-stop talker. But some people just have that natural social thing about them. This year I have actually been able to drum up a conversation with a stranger and not feel overly weirded out by it, LOL! I know, some of you are probably laughing at me but it's true! I always felt weird when people just started talking to me. I didn't know what to say! I'm not the one who will just start talking to you just yet but, I'm getting there. So there, that's my big personal milestone!

- Parenting: Mini Me is officially in the Terrible Two's. Man oh man am I losing it! BUT, I feel like my biggest milestone this year in this area is letting go. I have to admit, I have been one attachment parenting crazed mama! I just wanted to hold her and keep her close. This year I actually eased up on my grasp and was able to see her blossom even more. She is creative and loves to talk! Loving and caring. Just wonderful!

Biggest Accomplishments:

- Dropping them 39 lbs.!

- Being selected as the command ombudsman for my husband's squadron (military unit for those not familiar with military terms).

Lessons Learned:

- Although I have a huge heart and love being there for my friends, some of those people will take advantage of you and not think twice about it. Had that happen quite a few times this year. As much as I didn't want to put up walls when it came to helping people, my experiences this year have made me do just that. Only a little though. I've always been the one to examine one's personality first before proceeding with a "friendship" and these two folks had me fooled real good! Oh well. I gained a few new associates/friends from the situation so, I still won in the end!

- Food, Inc. What can I say. If you haven't seen it, you probably should. Very informative. Check it out.

And that's about it y'all! 2010 had it's ups and downs but, we all have that right? I hope everyone brings in 2010 with a safe bang with family and friends. Lots of fun things I plan on blogging about in 2011. Monthly features, taking you along on my fitness journey (because my athletic self is coming out full force in 2011) and more!

Like my author friend Diamond Cartel said "If you refuse to GROW you have GOT TO GO!". So if you had some crazy things happen in 2010, leave the negativity right here in 2010 and make it happen next year!


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