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Turbo Fire!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's Turbo Fire Baby!

I probably watched the trailer for this like 30 times before I finally placed my order on Sunday. I first came across it on YouTube last year and fell in love. Chalene Johnson is a BEAST! She is such a great motivator and is just real. There's no gimmick to her. I've already done P90X and wanted to give another program a try.

Fitness is just a passion of mine. I was an athlete all throughout my childhood and was so bummed when I was put on bed rest a few times during my pregnancy back in 2008. All I could think about was "I am going to get fat!!!!". I had heard way too many stories about not being able to lose pregnancy weight and I was afraid of it happening to me. So P90X came when my daughter was 8 months old. Did one round and really enjoyed it. Now I just toss in one of the DVDs when I can't get to the gym.

My friend and I started hitting the gym last year and in that year I dropped a little over 30 lbs ::doing happy dance:: My old body is coming back! But I'm at a plateau (man I hate those things!) and need something to kick this plateau's butt! Plus, I plan on participating in the Disney Family Fun Run in September and I have to be in tip top shape for my first ever race! My solution? Operation Turbo Fire!

Operation Turbo Fire will allow you lovely followers of mine will follow me through completing the 12-week Turbo Fire program. I'll do weekly updates on how my week went, if I cheated or not, how I feel and of course measurements and weigh-ins (those will be monthly). Hopefully by me chronicling my first fitness project of the year will help and inspire some of you to achieve those health and fitness goals you have set for yourself.

Now, as a military spouse I know that with DETS and deployments, we get stressed and depressed and the first thing that typically goes out the window is keeping up with our fitness regimen. We are in workups as we speak. The Hubster is out on a DET right now, with more to come, preparing for another deployment. Most of the time we as military spouses set a goal of losing X amount of weight or toning or something prior to their return. Trust me, I'm the same way. And achieve it everytime because not only do I do it for myself, I do it for my family because HELLO, I am the engine that makes this household run! And let me also be honest and tell you it's because I LOVE seeing the look on my husband's face when he gets off the plane ::smh:: Yeah, he loves it! LOL!

Since he's gone right now, I want to see how much of a change I can make happen during this short DET. This will be interesting but, I'm up for the challenge! Monday will be the official start day of Operation Turbo Fire and I will have all the starting stats and ::gulp:: pictures. So make sure you follow along on this beasty journey and feel free to share your opinions, encouragement or hate. Yeah I said it, hate! It's ok, I have tough skin, LOL!

Check out the trailer for yourself!

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